Playing chibimonster

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This chibimonster has been created to remember you to shake off some stress and have some fun and is an original touch to your home. Due to its size, it is ideal to hide around the house or room and play hide and seek when you least expect it!

Read below the characteristics, details and delivery times of the chibimonsters.

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Chibimonster information


6 cm high / 3 cm width / 5cm length approx.

This model can be located indoors or covered balconies.

It is made of air-drying clay and painted with acrylics. The paint could peel off when hit or dropped.

Chibimonsters are not toys; do not leave them with unattended children. They are not mass-produced pieces. The whole process is handmade. Please understand that they may have minor imperfections.

Shipping information

Your order will go on a trip in a maximum of 5 working days.

Once on the way, the delivery times are:

UK: 3-5 business days.

Europe: 5-15 business days.

Outside Europe (America, Canada etc …): 15-25 business days.


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