Lay down, you deserve it! Mermaid Prints


This mermaid chibimonster had an exhausting day and needed some rest, why don’t you join?

Resting is very important in order to achieve good mental health, but I know it can be difficult sometimes. Check out this embellished print of the mermaid chibimonster reminding you to lay down, even for one minute, to take a breath; remember you are doing great, and you deserve some rest!

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14,8 cm high / 21 cm width.

It is recommended to frame it and place it away from direct sunlight to avoid the colours to fade or to ruin because of the dust.

It is printed in 250gsm recycled natural paper. The ink or embellishments could peel off when scratched or rubbed.

Want to know how the embellishments were made? Check out this reel on my Instagram!

This print is not a toy; do not leave them with unattended children. They are not mass-produced pieces. The whole process of the embellishment is handmade. Please understand that they may have minor imperfections.

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Once on the way, the delivery times are:

UK: 3-5 business days.

Europe: 5-15 business days.

Outside Europe (America, Canada etc …): 15-25 business days.

*Covid-19 restrictions and delays might apply, please check shipping policy.


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