New collection

Pearl edition

This months collection is all about reminding us of our worth 💪 In Spanish, we say that someone “is a jewel” when they are great people, keepers. And what is one of the most precious jewels of Nature? Pearls!

It’s been tough these past months, I’ve had to deal with rejection more often than I would have liked and it has seriously drained my motivation to keep on doing things. So I wanted to create these pearly chibimonsters to remind me that I’m worthy and that I’m going to be fine; that I’m a pearl and I can carry on 💖 And I think this design really transmits this sense of calm that is much needed.

I’ve painted them with a pearl effect paint, but to suttle the colours and give them an actual pearl effect I gave them a silver layer of paint. I also created little bases in the shape of shells as a “context” for the chibimonsters.

I really hope you enjoy this collection!