Creativity sessions

Creative Anxiety and YouTube

Have you ever experienced a little, but quite loud voice in your head telling you that what you are creating is not good enough? That you are going to fail? That no one would like it? Then you have experienced (are experiencing) creative anxiety. 

As an artist and creator, creative anxiety is almost a routine for me, and what triggers it the most is the need to be perfect all the time, which leads to not finishing what I do or stop putting effort into it. And then over and over again, every time I start something new.

After researching about creative anxiety and ways to fight it, I realised most of the advices were “clear your mind”, normally by doing something else. But if you live out of your creativity and have deadlines, stopping is not always an option.

I started to wonder how creativity works and that took me to this video about constrained creativity and how it makes us (ironically) more creative. I thought “what if I use this method to tackle creative anxiety?”

After designing and trying out some exercises, I decided that it could be helpful for other creators and that’s why I decided to open a YouTube channel for anyone to join me while creating and supporting each other through creativity sessions.

How does it work?

Each session consists of an exercise based on the principle of constrained creativity. This means that we set a few parameters to make our brain focus on one possibility rather than on the infinite ones that our mind goes through when we stare at a blank page. We create “a box” and we think inside it. 

During one hour, we randomly select two options: one is a noun, the other an action or scenario. These create the box and we use it to inspire us. We then create in the time limit of ten minutes, which will pressure us to boost our creativity.


Fridays at  5 PM (GMT), on my YouTube channel.

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Why not Zoom?
These sessions are meant to help us overcome our creative anxiety triggered by our aspirations to perfection. As Zoom allows us to see each other creating, that might create unnecessary pressure to make something perfect, to not show our flaws. These sessions are your safe space to make mistakes! If no one is watching you, “judgemental peer pressure” decreases.

However, I would love to know about your experience, so please don’t hesitate to contact me through DMs on Instagram or use the hashtag #CreatingInTenMinutes.

Do I have to attend every session?
No, that’s the beauty of it! You can just jump into any session, but the more sessions you do, the easier it gets to create and to work on your creative anxiety.

Do I have to be a professional artist or creator to attend these sessions?
Not at all. These sessions can also be used to make your brain work for the fun of it or you can explore different techniques, materials, or styles to get to understand what it is that works for you.

What techniques can I use during the sessions?
You can use any that you prefer, just consider that you will be doing sketches, these sessions are not to make a final work. For example, the clay that I use doesn’t allow me to work that fast, so I will be drawing/painting most of the time, but maybe sometimes I will write.

Resources about creativity and creative anxiety

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