About the founder

Victoria is a sculptor and mixed media artist based in Leicester. Her current work is on experimental research of sustainable materials such as sugar and the creation of totems of happiness called chibimonsters.

She started working with clay at the early age of six with ceramic classes for almost seven years. Her artistic training continued through the theoretical path, finishing her BA in Art History in 2015 at University of Málaga (Spain), and her MA in Cultural and Artistic Management in 2016 at University of Winchester (UK). Her studies, together with her passion for Pop Culture, have influenced her artistic practice.

Victoria’s artwork is based on the research of sentimental and ideological expression, combining various materials in order to create synesthesia between the tangible (such as sculpture) and the intangible (either through lights, sound or writing). She draws inspiration from storytelling; Pop Art and the imagery of comic book art.

About Chibinendo

Chibinendo Art is a creative company that designs and sells Chibimonsters. Chibimonsters are figurines of funny and endearing characters dressed up as spotted colourful dinosaurs. They are totems of happiness, designed to remind you that is good to embrace your inner child, read that book that you always wanted or to take a step back and relax.

Artist Statement

I want my art to mean something and to be useful. The Chibimonsters I create always cheer me up and lift my spirit when things seemed off or stuck. They remind me that there are always good moments even when we cannot see them.

They are my totems of happiness and I hope they will also become yours!