About the founder

Victoria is a sculptor and mixed media artist based in Leicester. Her current work is on experimental research of sustainable materials such as sugar and the creation of totems of happiness called chibimonsters.

She started working with clay at the early age of six with ceramic classes for almost seven years. Her artistic training continued through the theoretical path, finishing her BA in Art History in 2015 at University of Málaga (Spain), and her MA in Cultural and Artistic Management in 2016 at University of Winchester (UK). Her studies, together with her passion for Pop Culture, have influenced her artistic practice.

Victoria’s artwork is based on the research of sentimental and ideological expression, combining various materials in order to create synesthesia between the tangible (such as sculpture) and the intangible (either through lights, sound or writing). She draws inspiration from storytelling; Pop Art and the imagery of comic book art.

About Chibinendo

Chibinendo Art is a creative company that designs and sells Chibimonsters: figurines of funny and endearing characters dressed up as spotted colourful dinosaurs. They are totems for happiness, designed as a tool to help you cherish positive thoughts by reminding you that is good to embrace your inner child, to focus on your goals or to take a step back and relax.

How does it work? 

Colour psychology is the study of hues and how they affect human behaviour, and it has been demonstrated that bright and light colours can improve or ease a bad mood. Every product and chibimonster is made bearing in mind this theory so when you look at it makes your brain react and start making a change in your mood.

The different designs in the collection are meant to tackle different reasons or situations where we might need a little reminder that we and our mental health matter. You will have three main different designs: playing, resting or reading chibimonster.

Playing chibimonsters are a reminder of embracing your inner child. They also help you by scaring away negative thoughts.

Resting chibimonsters will remind you to stop and take a deep breath whenever you are stressed or/and to take time to rest.

Reading chibimonsters are the totems for hobbies and incentives; they will remind you to spend time doing what makes you happy or pursuing a goal.

The chibimonster acts as a symbolic physical representation of your calm and happy emotions, so whenever you look at it, your mind will go to a happy place. For example, I have always next to me a blue and magenta playing chibimonster, because the colours calm me down and I find the design funny. When I know I need to focus but I’m not in the right mood, I tend to put a reading chibimonster, either blue or orange, next to my laptop. Once you choose yours, wait for it to arrive at your home and place it wherever you prefer but always visible (like on your desk or nightstand)!

Artist Statement

I’m going to tell you a little secret: Chibinendo Art was born in Spain in 2014. Originally started as a creative company that would sell and make customized merchandise and collectable figures. It was a side project that I started while I was finishing my bachelor and it’s the main reason why I chose to do a master in the UK about Culture and Art Management. In 2018, my partner got a job in London and we moved together there from Birmingham.

Not going to lie, London is tough for an artist and a project that needed so much time and effort with no immediate income. The first year in London was one of the most difficult times of my life, I fell into a big emotional depression, I felt lost because I had to close Chibinendo Art and I was struggling to find a job. Thanks to my partner and by letting time pass by I managed to get out of the black hole where I fell. But I always had that little voice on the back of my head saying that Chibinendo Art failed because I wasn’t good enough.

In my second year in London, I found a stable job that I loved but I was still feeling like a fraud because as an artist and creative I was completely lost. At this time my partner got a job in Leicester so we were working out a distant relationship. During that time I was at the edge of falling into depression again many times. So when the Covid-19 pandemic started and I couldn’t go to work, I took that time to focus on myself, the things that I loved and try to heal myself. I read more than two books, I started writing again, I draw, sculpted, cooked. That period made me understand that I want my art to mean something and to be useful. Art for me is a healing therapy, it calms me and it helps me to reconnect with myself. But with all that went on in the last years, I forgot why I sculpted and the things that made me happy. So I figured out that I cannot be the only one that has the same problem.

The first chibimonster was created in 2017, and since then it’s been always with me. Without me knowing, it was always there reminding me what I love. I look at it and I think of the series, mangas, books, and activities that make me happy. And most importantly, it reminds me to create. This first chibimonster became my symbol for happiness.

I want my art to help people that, like me, need some cheering from time to time to lift their spirits when things seemed off or stuck, so I’m creating different designs of chibimonsters to remind you that is time to lay back and focus on yourself for a bit. They are my totems for happiness and I hope they will also become yours 🙂